Puppies will be due end of December 2020 and ready to go home in February of 2021.  Ernie, the Dad and the son of Peyton/Jazzie And Kenzie who is the greatgrand daughter of our original female & male, Juliet and Romeo. Complete genetic testing for Mom and Dad and all perfect!!  Coeffient is very low and no backbreeding (inbreeding) !  This makes for a healthier pup.
Text Kara at 970-799-2244 to get on the next list.
Updated 10/27/2020

Ernie and Kenzie

(above 2019)

Wonder what Cinna-bun is asking Santa for this Christmas?

2018 fall litter (above 2018)

Wooley is such a baby! Thanks for the picture! Spring 2018 litter.

(above 2018)

Thanks Teresa for the picture of Moki.  (below 2016)

Pipi so cute!  Thanks for her picture Jennifer(above)

This little boy was such a sweetheart!! (above)

Thanks Ben for sharing Lucia's picture and how great a hunter she is turning out to be. (from another litter) above

Flint guarding the buffalo? Thanks Eric for the picture of your boy. (above)

Galicia earned her AKC service dog qualification. Congratulations!! 2017 (above)



The new babies!!  Born 2/24/2020


Laura, thanks for the picture of your beautiful girl.  

(above) 2018

New Mom Kenzie(black) and New Dad Ernie. Both AKC NO Inbreeding!!!! Kenzie is the Great Granddaughter of our original Romeo and Juliet.  

(above 2019)

One of  2017's beautiful red female.


2018 Red female


Me playing with the 2018 pups.

(above 2018)

Ginger's previous litter.


Winston is my registered service dog, I have PTSD, and he is such a wonderful boy.  Truly helps my panic attacks and getting out of the house.  He loves flowers!

Dixie Cherry 

Colorado Standard Poodles

(above) 2014

I love raising standard poodle puppies as pets. They are raised in the house with us, loved on and potty training started.   We live on 35 acres in SW Colorado by Durango, and they get plenty of exercise and sunshine. All puppies are AKC limited registration and come with a health guarantee for a year.

I pray for all my puppies to find just the right home and God always delivers just the right people.   



New and young Mommy, Kenzie, and Daddy, Ernie.  AKC registered and will have health testing for both soon.  Hips and eyes are great!  They both have great mellow personalities. We do not dock tails or remove dew claws since we feel that is mutilation.  We also don't back breed (inbreeding of a Dad to a daughter or a Mom with a son) as this can cause very bad health issues.  

Standard Poodles are hunting dogs and have webbed feet. Poodles  make great pets, hunters, athletes, therapy and  service dogs.  Extremely smart and ours are bred for temperament.  Great with children!!  And of course non-allergenic and they are so clean.  They don't shed. Why buy one of our pups?  We raise them in a confident environment with lots of love, potty training started (not inside a closed area all the time and actually taught to go potty outside!!!) and trained to sleep through the night.  

Email me at  coloradopoodles@gmail.com to ask questions about an up coming or current litter. 

Thanks for checking out our web site.

Dixie and Kara (mostly Kara now)

Virginia and Lexi!  Go girl!!! Her number is her age!!

(above 2017)

Are we having fun yet?  Our  grandson playing in the mud with the dogs. What a mess but sooooo much fun!!! (above)

Dawn thanks for sharing your baby's beautiful picture.(one from another litter)


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